Transparent Pricing

Revolutionizing Domain Pricing with Certainty and Transparency


Domain resale pricing is confusing.


Entrepreneurs and business owners want to concentrate on building their business, preferably on a keyword rich .com domain. Sellers of premium .com domains often price their assets at eye-watering levels leaving most startups and small businesses grappling with inferior domain options.

AAS Domains is redefining domain pricing. We have pioneered a predictable and tractable domain pricing schema and proudly introduce our ‘Subscribe and Buy‘ platform. This platform offers premium, keyword-rich .com domains, with pricing designed to grow with your business.

The Challenge of Resale Market Domain Pricing

Legacy pricing and valuation methods for premium .com domains allow sellers to ‘marinate’ their valuable .com domain assets, often waiting years for that perfect buyer to come along. This can be particularly discouraging for startups and small businesses, looking to establish a solid foundation for their online presence.

AAS Domains: Price Transparency – Guaranteed

AAS Domains ‘Subscribe and Buy‘ platform is a groundbreaking solution that enhances domain pricing transparency, liquidity, and efficiency. This innovative approach combines the predictability of monthly (or annual), subscriptions, with a guaranteed, escalating Buy-It-Now price over three years, empowering you to acquire your premium, keyword-rich .com domain as your business grows.

Individual perceptions of what constitutes ‘fair’ pricing can vary widely. Our ‘Subscribe and Buy‘ platform eliminates ambiguity and adds clarity and certainty to your domain acquisition experience.

‘Subscribe and Buy’ – Over Two Decades in the Making

The ‘Subscribe and Buy‘ platform was developed by trusted, domain industry veteran and authority Scott Smith. Although there are alternative methods of financing such as payments over time, equity and/or partner arrangements, or lease-to-buy options, this is the first model offered on a subscription plus Buy-It-Now basis. It recognizes the budget constraints and evolving business needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses and affords a clear path to domain ownership of premium keyword .com domains.

Supporting the As-A-Service Subscription Economy

AAS Domains supports the explosive growth of the subscription economy. We help to drive the notoriety of the ‘as-a-service‘ products and services ecosystem by appending the ‘aas‘ brand suffix to each domain.