Frequently Asked Questions

AAS Domains has created the world’s first Subscribe and Buy domain marketplace featuring guaranteed, pre-set pricing.
Subscribers know the exact cost of their domain before subscribing or purchasing.

How do AAS Domains work?

Using our proprietary system, AAS Domains establishes an ‘Anchor‘ price for each domain. The Anchor price is equal to the year three Buy-It-Now price. For each of year one and year two respectively, the Buy-It-Now prices are discounted and pre-set (guaranteed), before you start your subscription. 

Subscribers choose their domain and instruct AAS Domains to ‘point’ the domain to a webpage or URL of their choice. Subscriber has the option to engage in third-party escrow services at their own cost. Subscriber enjoys a 14-day free trial, after which they can begin a monthly or annual subscription. Subscriber has the option to purchase the domain, at pre-set Buy-It-Now prices, at any time during the term of the subscription.

What happens to my subscription at the end of year three and I haven’t bought the domain?

No worries. We have you covered. At the end of year three, the Subscriber may elect to purchase the domain outright at the guaranteed Buy-It-Now Anchor price. If the Subscriber elects not to purchase the domain at the end of year three, the monthly subscription automatically converts to the monthly pre-set subscription price that was contractually guaranteed at the beginning of the subscription. Subscriber enjoys full use of the domain for as long as the subscription is paid in full and in good standing. As a continuing Subscriber, you still have the option to purchase the domain outright at any time thereafter – at the year three Buy-It-Now Anchor price.

Can I transfer my AAS Domain to another registrar of my choice?

No, not during the duration of the subscription. As the registrant, all AAS Domains remain under the exclusive custodianship and administration of AAS Domains. AAS Domains is responsible for all renewals and domain administration, including DNS server management. Under certain circumstances, and in its sole discretion, AAS Domains may allocate administrative and technical privileges to mutually agreeable bona fide third parties.

I want to buy my AAS Domain. Can I now transfer it?

Yes, subject to the ICANN 60-Day Lock policy. 

Generally speaking, you cannot transfer a domain to a new registrar within 60-days of making a change to your contact information.

How do I pay for my monthly or annual subscription?

Payments are made via credit card or PayPal. For larger amounts, bank wire transfers are preferred. Please contact us for details.

Are there any additional or hidden fees I need to know about?

No. Your monthly or annual subscription and, should you elect to buy your domain, your Buy-It-Now costs are all you pay. The only time there would be extra costs is if you decide to engage third-party escrow services to hold your domain during the subscription period. Those charges are strictly between the Subscriber and the escrow company. AAS Domains can help facilitate those transactions.

I want to use escrow services. How does that work?

You are free to use any trusted third-party escrow services that suit your needs. After decades of experience, AAS Domains has teamed up with, one of the world’s largest, most respected, and trusted domain escrow service providers. Negotiations are between you, as an AAS Domains subscriber, and

In general terms, here’s how it works:

  • Subscriber begins a subscription
  • Subscriber and negotiate all terms, conditions, and pricing
  • AAS Domains transfers administrative control of the domain to
  • manages the domain until the subscription expires, or the subscriber buys the domain at the pre-set Buy-It-Now price.


Prices and Refunds

Subscription prices and Buy-It-Now prices are pre-set and guaranteed. Once a subscription starts, subscriber can rest assured that prices will not change throughout the life of the subscription.

All prices are in US dollars and subject to change, without notice, and at any time prior to the start of a subscription.

In all cases, there are no refunds.

Please contact me directly should you have any other questions, comments or suggestions. I’m at scott@aasdomains*com.