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World’s premier keyword-rich, As-A-Service .com domain portfolio


Drive brand and dominate your vertical SaaS niche


Start up-priced, yet built to scale


Reduce CAC, increase lead flow and ROI


Secure your AAS Domain in 3 EASY steps

Select Your AAS Domain

Hundreds of premium keyword-rich domains to choose from.


Point Your Domain*

We’ll point your domain to your current website, landing page, or other IP address of your choice.


Start Your 14-Day Free Trial

Enjoy 14 days – for free to test your AAS Domain.

Transparent Pricing


Entrepreneurs, Disruptors, and Market Leaders

Benefit from our dual approach to domain ownership with the world’s first domain Subscribe-And-Buy platform.


Guaranteed Subscription Pricing:

Don’t break the bank upfront to acquire your premium keyword .com domain. Select the monthly or annual subscription plan suited to your evolving business needs while enjoying exclusive use of your domain for up to 3 years – and beyond.


Guaranteed Buy-It-Now Pricing:

Domains are initial start-up priced with pre-set increases over three years. Knowing your guaranteed purchase price, enables you to concentrate on building your business. Only you decide when to buy your domain outright, or extend your subscription.


Guaranteed Total Pricing Transparency:

The sum of your subscription plan, plus your Buy-It-Now price equals your total domain acquisition cost. A simple, straightforward, and predictable method to help manage your valuable domain acquisitions.


Know Your Exact Cost Before You Begin Your Domain Subscription

All AAS Domains enjoy the same subscription pricing!

*(Optional third-party escrow services are priced separately)


Year 1 – $29 per month

or $299 one time

Year 2 – $59 per month

or $629 one time

Year 3 – $99 per month

or $1,049 one time


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